Decisions. Decisions.

Voting is something that should be held in high regard, treated seriously, and not taken for granted. Voting mindfully is critical. As we’re thinking about the next presidential election in the U.S.A., here are some questions to ponder.

What issues are important to you?

Have you listened to what the candidates have to say or do you only listen to the sound bytes on the evening news?

Have you investigated a candidate’s experience or merely listened to political analysts’ opinions of the candidates?

Do you care about a candidate’s social media presence?

Do you look at the company a candidate keeps? Does it matter to you?

Do you choose how to vote based on a candidate’s hairstyle or choice of clothing?

Do you choose based on a candidate’s religious preference?

What are your sources for news and information? Are they reputable? Is your #1 source of information a comedic sketch or political ad?

Do you choose based on perceived intelligence?

Do you choose based on whether or not you’d like to be buddies with the candidate? Do you choose based on charm?

Do you watch any part of the conventions? Do you watch any of the debates?

Do you pray about your decision? Do you “go with your gut?”

What other questions do you think a voter should consider?

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