To The Boy Who Loved Me Unconditionally

For many years ahead of us being synchronized with each others daily plans, I was caught onto you.

It was my first day of 7th grade and as I stumbled onto the bus with a vast majority of the kids being much bigger than I am, my eyes met yours. Ever since that moment I couldn’t get you out of my head. Since then, I went through 1 major relationship and 2 or 3 other small less meaningful ones, and as fucked up as it is, I always felt something towards you, and today I’m totally yours.

I got with you my 10th grade year, when I was in deep waters. It was, unbelievable. I left my boyfriend of one month for you. It’s pretty shitty, but I am so in love with you.


I’m a fuck up. I do stupid shit and I fairly know I don’t deserve someone as loyal and incredible as you. Today, most boys just want to fuck and leave, but you’re different than everyone else, and that’s all that matters.

From the nights where we get a little too into pretty little liars, to the nights where you sleep on the couch because we couldnt come to an agreement, I wouldn’t trade any of it for something better, because there is nothing better.

I’m halfway through my senior year now, and we’ve been together for 2 and a half years, and holy fuck am I still so madly in love with you. Do I deserve you? No, but I sure as do I want you.