Healthy Eating While Traveling

It’s hard to eat healthy while traveling. But eating junk makes fatigue and jet lag worse and can often lead to regret when you head home. Trying local cuisine is one of my favorite things about travel, but it can easily get out of hand. Some tips to keep your nutrition in check well traveling:

In transit:

  1. Lean on Starbucks in the airport. I know, so lame. They typically have bananas, nuts, and other healthy snacks (hummus and veggies, jerky, breakfast sandwiches with a decent amount of protein). It’s consistent and nutritionally better than most of the other choices at the airport. Plus, a lot of it is packable, so you can take it with you — it’s better than most plane food, promise.
  2. Plan ahead. Pack protein bars, nuts, fruit bars, and other healthy snacks so you are never famished.
  3. Stay hydrated. Pack a water bottle so you don’t have to pay $5 for a water at the airport. Most airports have filling stations. If not, they have drinking fountains or ask to fill at a restaurants soda fountain.

At your destination:

  1. Get out of FOMO mindset. You won’t be able to taste everything you want to from a certain location. You won’t be able to try it all ever, so understand that and pick the few restaurants you really want to try and really savor those meals.
  2. Go for the real deal. If you really want to try a famous bagel in Montreal, go to one bagel place, don’t spread out your tasting at multiple places (unless you’re doing a bagel tour, which is an altogether different situation). Chances are the top spots are top spots for a reason. Don’t settle for mediocre or you’ll end up eating multiples.
  3. Split dishes with travel companions so you can taste lots of things.
  4. Never go to the same place twice. This allows for maximum variety per meal.
  5. Order the smallest portions so you can get multiples (i.e. an 8 oz. coffee instead of a 16 oz. so you can get a second at the next interesting coffee shop you find). Switch to tea if you really want to hit up a third and fourth shop in a day.
  6. Don’t waste tasting local cuisine at the airport — its never as good as the real thing and usually isn’t worth it.
  7. Keep up the snacks and hydration. The worst is a blood sugar drop that ends in a bunch of mediocre meals.

Enjoy! Savor each delicious bite and report back on your favorites. Cheers!

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