School Testing

Schools all over the world require that students take several state tests. However, are they beneficial? Last year, we missed around 50 days of school days because we are taking different state tests. Teachers ended up getting behind and as a result we stressed and rushed the lessons and tests. School testing is also very expensive. According to Pearson Research and Innovation Network, “when he projected that figure to all states, the total cost was $1.7 billion each year.” It is not necessary to require students to take all these tests, that they do not even try on. It causes teachers to get stressed out and most of the tests are either way too easy or way too hard. I took the PAARK test lasts year, they were virtually impossible. So, not one tried. We all wrote in random answers, so the results were not accurate. One test for all of high school, the OGTs, are the only necessary tests that should be required. There are way too many other tests that are pointless and do not show the intelligence level of students. Testing should not determine how “smart” a student should be. Some students are better at testing than others. Students grades should determine how “smart” they are, the effort that students put into their work. Testing is not beneficial, stressed students and teachers out, and takes up too much time during the school year that students could be learning.