State of Grace

the sunset of our state of grace day

Kill the lights, shut down the music, let “Side to Side” come to a screetching silent halt.

Toss that drink over the ledge and let the foam coat the pavement.

Pull apart the melted fractured and hush the aches.

Instead, let today be a state of grace.

Curl up on the couch, hoodies and plaid shirts, no show socks and jeans.

We do not need to speak, instead we will simply be.

Our quiet space in the world, hushed from the busy and the questions and the aching, as the television flashes with hockey players and commericals with talking stickers.

Our hands are folded, frames relaxed next to each other, the sound of hockey sticks echoing throughout the living room.

The chasm is wide, but these moments create rope bridges to cross over with.

It is among the tea, the soft blue couch, the whispered apologizes, tight embraces, and the handfuls of Goldfish that we knit our souls back together.

Let the past mistakes and the future heartaches stay frozen.

This is our state of grace day, and in this moment, my dear, we shall quiet it all and simply exist.