The Frame Under Which It Happened

It was about two am on Black Friday morning. We had spent the hour before watching Man in the High Castle, cuddling on the couch, and stroking my red fuzzy socks. Our evening was coming to a close as we moved crackers and dishes to the kitchen. I hugged you, and you hugged me from behind when you then kissed me on the forehead. My head swivelled and we kissed for the first time.

It was that moment that changed everything. Our story had a definitive beginning and outlined a dozen endings.

We kissed under that frame, the one that was mistletoeless.

Today I packed up my life from that house. The building that was once home became a house. I cleared out the old love letters and photos that I had scattered around. My coffee mugs became wrapped in towels and my Star Wars films were hunted down.

I did not cry but rather I stumbled my way through it in true Emily fashion, aka becoming off task and onto a new task every two minutes. A dear friend of mine attempted to keep me moving forward and laughing and giggling. Slowly and surely, I gathered all of my belongings and blew kisses to the room that once held me.

As I was taking a final walk around to make sure that I had everything, I swivelled around and pulled out my phone because the frame needed to become a piece of my history.

This house is not the end, rather it is a chapter.

The frame was not the end, but rather a beautiful beginning to an unexplored story.

To my house, formerly known as a home,

Thank you for housing those that I love. God bless you for not speaking back when I kissed boy in door frames and outside in the snow. Thank you for hosting the Valentines Day parties and New Years Eve shananigans. You saw so many tears and laughter. Post Prom coffee and grief ridden scones passed over your counters. You provided safety for six years. Thank you for the memories, my dear old house.

Love, Em

(Added 03/13)

I was telling a few ladies that I love about this story of the doorframe…who pointed out that the home that I am staying at has a similar frame…one that would enjoy a kiss or two potentially occurring underneath….

Perhaps the story does not end…

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