Tim Tebow Will Win a Super Bowl…just let him.

With the return of Tim Tebow to the NFL after a two year break, comes with it the talk and speculation of what will happen. He carries such a fan base that he had to quiet the crowd as he began his start in the second half of his 2nd debut.

So why is everyone talking about Tim Tebow? He hasn’t really done anything in the NFL. He’s been traded, let go, ridiculed for his beliefs and his style. So why do I think he will win a Super Bowl? Because he’s a leader, he’s a champion, he’s dedicated and driven. Most importantly he is very well rounded in talent that he can be a super threat. He showed this during his time in Florida.

Here’s the problem, although I truly believe Tebow has the talent, ability and leadership to win a Super Bowl and be successful in the NFL I doubt that anyone will really give him the chance. Sure he’s had snaps and play time as QB but that’s not the chance he needs. Coach Urban Meyer gave him that chance in Florida and it paid dividends with a Heisman trophy and two NCAA Championships. The chance Tebow needs is a coach willing to mold the offense around Tebow and not the other way around. Tebow is a triple threat with his ability to effectively run the football as well as pass and handoff. His ability to run keeps the defense on their toes. As we saw in Florida, this style of offense with Tebow at he Helm is very powerful and I believe is enough to win.

That’s a huge bet to make for a coach to make so I don’t think any one will. If one does, it will pay. It will work. It happened before and can happen again.

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