Dear Conservative Christians, Your Silence is Deafening

I know far too many people who claim to be Conservative Christians. You know, the moral ones. The ones who value “traditional marriage” and LIFE. They are so pro-life that they abandoned all their other convictions (including those that would prevent them from voting for someone repeatedly accused of sexual assault) to vote for Donald Trump in November.

Why? Because he claimed to be pro-life. Many of my “Christian” friends held their nose and reluctantly voted for this man because he would somehow save the unborn children.

Except he’s not and he won’t. The healthcare bill put forth by the Senate this week includes drastic cuts to medicaid, which will kill, yes, kill children. I personally know of three little boys whose lives could be cut drastically short without medicaid to help pay for their much needed care. Tell me how that is pro-life. Tell me. I want to hear from you.

Children with cancer can accrue bills in the hundreds of thousands and into the millions for their treatment. If they cannot afford treatment, they cannot GET treatment, and they will die. Do you know how many children in America undergo treatment for cancer ever year? About 40,000. Forty thousand children. It does not matter how hard a parent works, how much money they have, a cancer diagnosis could decimate all but the very wealthy…who, by the way, would get a huge tax break. Under this bill, the ones who need the least will get the most and the ones who need the most will pay the price. How is this pro-life? Tell me.

The one thing you may think is “good” in this bill is that it does not allow Planned Parenthood to accept medicaid for a year, nevermind the fact that medicaid does not pay for abortions. No, this will not reduce abortions. This will prevent women from getting cancer screenings, STI treatments, and birth control. Do you know what that means? More unplanned pregnancies, and like it or not, more abortions. How is that pro-life?

Parents of children who are born medically fragile sometimes run into medical bills in the tens of thousands every.single.month.These families aren’t asking for “government handouts” so they can vacation or so their families can live a life of luxury, but so their children can live. Without medicaid, many hardworking families in America will have no choice but to sit back and watch their children’s quality of life diminish. This is not hyperbole when I say some children will literally die without access to healthcare. That “access” is known as Medicaid. And the Senate Bill wants to cut Medicaid by over 800 billion dollars. Is that pro-life?

Are you going to personally take up this cause? Are you going to put your money where your pro-life mouth is? If so, this adorable girl could use over 26k per month for essential care. Here is her grandmother’s information so you can send a check. Take stock of your convictions, pro-lifers. Are you against these cuts to medicaid? Are you, like these 50 organizations including the American Medical Association and the Children’s Hospital Association going to make your voice heard? Because so far, your silence speaks volumes. I see nothing from the National Pro-Life Alliance, nothing from the “pro-life” wing of Focus on the Family. Nothing. They need to speak out or turn in their pro-life cards.

Is this what you wanted when you voted for the “pro-life” candidate? If so, you are not pro-life. However, if this is not what you had in mind, speak out. Speak out loudly. Call your senators. Tell your friends and family that this is not what you wanted. Say it with me, THIS IS NOT PRO-LIFE. I have stalked social media since the bill was released. Not one person I know who identifies as pro-life has said a word. Those who rail against abortions and consistently espouse their pro-life views have been eerily silent on this issue. Why? Because my guess is those people are not actually pro-life.

Pro birth, maybe, but not pro-life.