How I’m Voting in the Labour Leadership and More Importantly Why.


1. Liz Kendall

2. Yvette Cooper

3. Andy Burnham

I’ve been a member of the Labour party since I was 15, I’ve voted Labour at every chance I’ve had and I’ve campaigned for the Labour Party fiercely for the last 3 years.

But obviously none of that matters because based on my voting preferences I am clearly a Tory.

I am not voting Jeremy Corbyn because not only do I believe that we would fail to win in 2020, but we would also fail as a party to support those who truly need a Labour government to survive. Another 5, 10, 15 years of a Tory government is not something members or affiliates of the Labour Party should be advocating.

There have been complaints of entryists in this election and I think we all know this is true. But these people weren’t out on the doorstep in the General Election. They didn’t have people reduced to tears because of the Bedroom Tax, or due to cuts to Disability Allowances or due to the fact that they could barely afford to eat that week all due to the Tory-led government.

You cannot simply be advocating that it’s okay to be in opposition for a further 5 years when there are people who rely on Labour winning and putting through the policies that will help those who need it most.

Corbyn has split this party and following the defeat we’ve just had we should be standing in solidarity, working together to ensure that we do win in 2020 with the right leadership taking us there. It is not okay to be accusing of anyone who is against your views as being a Tory, it is not okay to think that we’ll be fine remaining in opposition and it is certainly not okay to be believe in a leader the Tories are voting for.

I gave Liz Kendall my first preference not because I’m secretly a Tory but because I genuinely believe that she is the candidate the Tories are scared of. She is the only candidate who has shown the need for us to stay in touch with modern Britain and has set across forward-thinking policies that will ensure our electability for the future and will represent the needs for the many, not the few.

I did struggle with second and third preferences. We need to stop Corbyn from coming into power and there is a real decision to make between Andy and Yvette. It has been said that Burnham has the better chance of beating Corbyn if it comes to a head to head, but I don’t necessarily believe this to be true.

Cooper’s recent moderate attacks on the Corbyn campaign have showed her fight for a Party that we can actually believe in and I don’t think I’m the only one who can see her edging her way past Burnham. Both Cooper and Kendall have urged voters to use their preferences wisely, to ensure the Labour Party remains relevant. Burnham on the other hand has seemingly swayed from policy to policy picking up votes along the way and this isn’t someone who should be leading the Labour Party.


1. Caroline Flint

2. Stella Creasy

3. Ben Bradshaw

Just as I believe Corbyn isn’t the right choice for the Labour Party, I believe Tom Watson isn’t the right choice for Deputy. I’m not voting for any candidate based on their gender, but the fact the two head runners for leader and deputy are both men, when we have so many talented women running, doesn’t highlight the progressive party that I know we are. I would urge anyone to not put two men as their first preferences for leader and deputy, our women’s liberation movement has come so far and we should so easily allow it to be dismissed.

My first preference goes to Caroline Flint. Not simply because she is a woman, but because she is a fantastic woman with the policies, the knowledge and the devotion to make us an opposition the Tories will fear and in 5 years’ time a government that will not only succeed but will thrive.

Stella Creasy gets my second preference. She is not only the campaigning force we should aim to be, but again has the tenacity to ensure that the Labour Party will be the Party of the people from all backgrounds, from all needs. She is an inspiration to what this party can become and what we can champion.

Ben Bradshaw gets my third preference. Again he understands the role, he understands how he ensure the Labour Party is a party that wins with him as deputy. He’s done it himself in the South and his ethics and loyalty would see us taking back those all-important marginal seats.

As for the rest of the elections going on, this is how I’ll be voting.(I won’t go on about why but if you do want to know feel free to ask).

London Mayor

  1. Tessa Jowell
  2. David Lammy
  3. Gareth Thomas

Conference Arrangements Committee

Michael Cashman

Gloria De Piero

National Constitutional Committee

Judith Blake

National Policy Forum

As I’m in London I’ll be voting for the following:

Unmesh Desai

Alon Or-Bach

Nicky Gavron

Fiona Twycross

Youth Rep: Jack Falkingham

I would urge members in other regions to consider Labour First’s recommendations:

East of England

Sandy Martin

Alex Mayer

Stacey Nash

James Valentine

Youth Rep: Tom Maisey

East Midlands

Rufia Ashraf

Natalie Fleet

Andrew Furlong

Mark Glover

Youth Rep: Christian Weaver


Nick Forbes

Nick Wallis

Brynnen Ririe

Helen Hughes

North West

Zahid Chauhan

James Frith

Joanne Harding

Anne Trafford

Youth rep: Jasmin Beckett


Gemma Doyle

Jamie Glackin

Cat Headley

Katrina Murray

Youth rep: Katie Dearden

South East

Duncan Enright

Victoria Grouleff

Naushabah Khan

Martin Phillips

Youth Rep: Helena Dollimore

South West

Keir Singh Dhillon

Joanne McCarron

Mark Dempsey

Brenda Weston

Youth Rep: Sarah Staples


Chris Elmore

Anthony Hunt

Jen Smith

Mary Wimbury

Youth Rep: Martha O’Neill

West Midlands

Christopher Bloore

Mariam Khan

Trudie McGuiness

Jackie Taylor

Youth Rep: Jeevan Jones


Nicki Bellfield

Rory Bickerton

Jayne Hill

Adam Wilkinson

Youth Rep: Josh Molloy