10 tracks

Stronger than me by Amy Winehouse

I picked this song because I felt like its a song that empowers females. The song is about a relationship with a alcoholic she feels like she has to always be the one taking care of him. She says “I always have to comfort you when im there” and she also says “dont you know your supposed to be the man” shes tired of having to comfort him when she wants to be the one comforted. I think i identify with the message of this song because I know what its like to love someone with problems. I somewhat identify with the artist of the song because she has been through alot of struggles.

Back to Black by Amy winehouse

I picked this song because Amy Winehouse had a great voice (before she got hooked on heroin) although her live performances wernt very good once she started doing heroin. The music lyrics is about her relapsing. She says “you go back to her and i go back to black” im pretty sure this means her man cheated on her or left her and then she starts using again. Black as in meaning black tar heroin. She knows shes leading herself to her own death in the music video everyones in black and shes in the car and she gets out and walks in front of the car starting to walk towards a cemetary while the cars on the way to the cemetary are behind her following, which i think symbolizes her leading her self to her own death. This is a song about her own self destruction. I identify with the message of this song because I am familiar with the topic of self destruction.

Break from toronto by PartyNextDoor

Drift Khadisma remix by Alina Baraz

Preach by Drake

You know im no good by Amy Winehouse

Window seat by Erykah Badu

Airbourne Aquirium by Curren$y

Fall in love by Erykah Badu

Say my name Destinys child