An open letter to Steven Spielberg
Charlene deGuzman

Please don’t blame cartoons for your personal problems. Stop being a victim.

I grew up watching Warner Brothers, MGM (Tex Avery), Fleischer Bros., and Disney cartoons, not to mention tons of television cartoons. I have never felt the need to wolf whistle at pretty girls, or chase mice, or abuse rabbit hunters (as much as I hate hunting), However, I do enjoy eating raw spinach. My most favorite cartoon character is still the fabulous Betty Boop — an innocent Jewish girl who endured a TON more backwards behavior and harassment from males than the Hello Nurse character in Animaniacs ever dreamed of. Brave Betty found the strength within herself to run for President in 1932! Let us all be more like Betty, who (at age 86) remains a powerful and popular feminine icon to this day!