The Types of Shipping Containers

In the industry of shipping, goods need a suitable packaging which guarantees the protection as well as safety of the ware that is being transported while on both the vessel ship as during transport to their destination. For this reason the containers used for shipping ought to withstand the process of shipping,should be durable,be a facility for safe storage as well as allow the process of handling. There are different types of containers ranging from their design to their making material. This article discuss the different variety of containers used in shipping process they include;

The containers material will first focus on this category. There are containers made from wood. These are wooden structures resembling a box that are used to transport heavyweight products like weapons. An example of such wooden container is the crate that the various military in different countries use.Another type of containers include those that are made from cardboard boxes that are corrugated. They are boards of fiber which are corrugated for them to be light and cheap devices of shipping. Their main advantage is that they are reusable.

Shipping containers can also be made from steel or metal. They are the most common type of containers used in transport by air, rail, ship and by roads. The Metallic containers are the most widely used freight containers all over the world this is because they are durable and easy to handle. There also exists containers made of plastic which are mostly preferred for shipping materials like those products that would corrode both metallic and wooden material as well as the products which are in liquid form.

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The other category of container is based on their design.

There are, the even rack type of Container Hire, it usually measures about twenty feet in its size and will have sides which can be folded to allow carriage of large cargo. The dry storage kind which can be used for general purpose. They come in varied size similar to the other types of containers, although the most ordinary measurements included the twenty feet and a length of forty feet. Also in this category is the container with an open side or an open top. Their top cover can be easily opened in order to give more room for goods on the top. Also, this type may have door on both sides. They are for transport heavy goods and also goods which are perishable since the container can be opened for the purpose of ventilation.

The best ferrying containers are ones which are ISO certified and have met the requirements needed. Also, you should consider the type of goods to be transported in order to make the right choice of container to use for shipping. The shipping process will be well appreciated whe the right container type is used. Read more about Container Sales here.