Hey — You Missed.

An apparent Ballistic Missile cruised over Hokkaido, Japan this morning. 
It crashed into the sea. Relief, etc.

In one of the more recent games of ‘why don’t you come over here and say that’, the great leader has decided to fire weaponry in random directions in much the same way I play Street Fighter 2.

A man, nay a government, that can’t quite convince the world one way or the other about whether they have the power to fight back. (Read: Launch a nuclear weapon first. There would be little to fight back for after that.)

I admire his posturing. I think the man is an overwhelming piece of shit, but for the size of the place he’s doing well. There’s just one problem.

Because you can throw your toys out of the pram — or missiles into the sea — to show you mean business. This is good, this is smart. Devil’s Advocate, whatever. But if you don’t hit something…ever?— eventually they’re going to work out that you’re lying. And fatty, you just missed again.