Ring the shame bell

Charging young creatives and juniors for ‘advice’ on how to get into the ad industry? Load of bollocks.

As anyone in advertising will know, it is a damn hard industry to get into. It is one dominated and heavily motivated by money, often to the detriment of our hard-produced creative ideas.

For me personally, the advice I got (prized out of) people I worked with when I was a junior was priceless — and it was usually down the pub after work. I learned real lessons about how to craft work, conduct yourself and pursue those illusive great briefs. But that doesn’t mean I should have paid those people for the advice they gave me at the time.

Now that I’m further up the food chain and able to give advice to grads and juniors, I do. Would I ever charge the already hard up grads/juniors for this advice? HELL FUCKING NO.

Not just because I should give advice to repay that which was given to me when I needed but because this industry could do with a bit more kindness. Yeah sure, we all want to get on in our careers but healthy competition never hurt.

I find charging for something such as ‘advice’ which could vary wildly from person to person because as the very nature of advice dictates – it comes from personal experiences and is by no means a dead cert that you will get anywhere in advertising. They are selling (for £12) something which isn’t fact.

But this is exactly what I want a Job in Advertising is doing.

So I’m saying: Don’t pay them your money, email me if you like and I’ll give you some advice for free. Get me on Hello@emmatownley.co.uk or Emma.Townley@cellosignal.com

Also check out my lot over at Young Creative Council — we have a whole CRIT ME list of people who will happily give young creatives advice.

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