Tick? pt II

This is the second (and possibly a bit more morose) part of my list of 30 things I’ve ‘achieved’.

16. Been hit by a car whilst on my bike. Tick.

17. Worn someone else’s (clean) pants. Tick.

18. Talked openly about having bipolar, which took 6 years to do. Tick.

19. Broke two ribs falling off a boat in Capri (with champagne bottle in hand). Tick.

20. Wrote a novel. Tick.

21. Had several brain scans (yes I have a brain, I’ve seen it). Tick.

22. Told someone a secret I was trusted with. Felt terrible for it. Tick.

23. Told a ‘boss’ to fuck off. Tick.

24. Laughed at my own joke loudly in a VERY quiet room. Tick.

25. Bought a Chang beer (tie dye) vest in Thailand. Tick.

26. Had an undercut (around the Thailand era too). Tick.

27. Got wedged in a tube gate more times than I can count. Tick.

28. Eaten chicken when I was vegetarian. Tick

29. Wore this ensemble (in 2012 for Glamour Magazine):


The final point:

I wanted this one to be a semi-serious//sickeningly positive sign off. But I’ll be damned if I can think of a single thing. So perhaps another thing I’ve ‘achieved’ is to be OK with my imperfections. So here’s to knowing a little more about how things work. Here’s to ‘dirty 30’ and here’s to whatever that may bring.

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