Revising Instagram Aspects Fosters Business Growth

Instagram won’t make you awkwardly crop photos in albums anymore

As communication technology has risen during the past decade, numerous companies utilize social media for their benefit. Instagram was developed in 2010 and instantly became a social media phenomenon. The photo sharing application caters to people and business of all sorts; and shortly after its creation became a revolutionary marketing tool. Visuals have gradually become more prevalent and popular with Generation Z and Instagram is the perfect platform to visually communicate to consumers. Numerous businesses use the application to their advantage by featuring sales promotions, products and giveaways.

Similar to every other social media platform, Instagram has evolved quite a bit over the past 7 years as technology and understanding has progressed. The ability to post numerous photographs at one time was recently introduced to the Instagram community, but not without faults. The initial Instagram ‘Albums’ capability was frustrating to users because it only allowed them to post their pictures as square images, not offering the landscape or portrait options. These awkwardly cropped photos took away the desire for many users to post more than one picture at a time. Recently, however, Instagram improved this flaw in response to user complaints.

Now people and business can apply this aspect to their posts and be assured that the aesthetics to their photos will not be affected. The application still has yet to address the ability to have one picture as landscape and one picture as portrait, but nonetheless has made progress. Although a subtle change, simple aspects like these can potentially foster a business’ growth.