Feel the blush and do it anyway

A few weeks ago I did an awful presentation at work. It was an overview of the 2017 Ashden Award winners and I’d been collating photos, talking to them, putting together films about them and generally been fully immersed in them for weeks.

I did not need to prepare for the presentation, how could I not know what I was talking about?

I rambled and stumbled my way through, was thoroughly embarassed by the end of it, and was put off presenting completely, feeling like I’d been exposed as a fraud who knew nothing. Also, I went BRIGHT red. Impressively so.

I saw this article on LinkedIn yesterday. It could not have come at a better time as I’ve just finished my first public speaking presentation since no-prep gate, and it went great.

I spent much longer than I normally would’ve on preparing slides, notes and stats. I reminded myself that if I want to pursue my career in marketing and digital then this is just another skill I have to practise, it’s not a case of being a naturally good or bad public speaker.

I didn’t contribute to global warming with my blushing this time either.

I can’t find the author on here to tag but head to LinkedIn to show your appreciation if you find it useful too.