If we are not our thoughts, what are we? How do we appropriately plan our actions?

This is a great question!

We have been fed information and opinions our entire lives.

Our brain is influenced by that information, and comes up with hundreds of thousands of thoughts every day.

You are not a single one of those thoughts.

You are so much more than that. You are an infinite, divine being.

The moments you are not thinking, the moments you are “in the zone,” the moments you do not think about who you are and your experience of self… THAT is who you really are. In those moments, you are your pure existence and consciousness.

Because you are not your thoughts, you have full flexibility to decide what you want to be. You do not have to attach to a thought if you do not want to. And, similarly, you can if you like.

I am trying to express the freedom in choosing what you believe.

So based on that and planning your actions (I’m assuming you mean actions we take in order to achieve a result?), I would say that thoughts do not equal actions.

You can observe your thoughts and choose your actions.

So planning your actions is a personal choice, one that you feel is the best fit for you. Your desire to achieve a result is an indication of where your soul wants to go in its next stage of evolution.

Tune into that voice, that calling, and you’ll find your higher self on the other side, telling you where to go.

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