Giving advice on an approach which involves Love and Compassion is useful, but how we do it?
petra vojnova

This is a great question! Increasing love and compassion for ourselves and others is an evolving practice. How do we do it?

  1. The best way to do it is to see yourself in others.

Recall the times that you felt scared, anxious, stressed, etc. Now when another person feels those emotions, tap into your ability to see yourself in them.

2. Realize there is value in what every person feels.

Each and every person lives an experience that is true to them; what they’re feeling is true to them — even though we may have trouble understanding at times. Increasing our understanding involves empathy, the ability to feel and understand another’s feelings.

3. Stop all judgement and instead embrace everything.

I know it seems weird, but all of your thoughts and emotions that are difficult to deal with? Try embracing them instead. Stop resisting them. They are part of your human experience. The more you can appreciate the experience and wisdom they give you, the more you increase your love and compassion.

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