I learnt some vital life tips today, so I felt I should share them with you.

The main message is about pride but I did be spicing it up with some other helpful stuffs.

Do you know that many a times, the things we pray for do not really come the way we pictured in our minds they will come?

Take for instance…

You are praying and hoping for a life partner as a lady; but what you are picturing in your mind is this one handsome guy, who works for one of the coolest and high paying companies in town stopping by his range rover sport and then kneeling down to ask “will you marry me?”

You are praying and hoping for your next financial breakthrough; you are expecting one wealthy relative, or friend to surprise you. When they don’t, you bear grudge against them and label them “stingy”.

Please understand that I’m not trying to say that it is useless to anticipate that things will happen to us in a certain way. Sometimes, things come to us the way we expect; handsome guys that are wealthy still propose till this day.

But the point I’m trying to make here is that we should not fixate all our hope on one source. Stop the one-way thinking thing. Be open to other possibilities too. That guy that is still living in a one room apartment that came to ask you out, give him a chance (of course, If you love him), that your mentee that knows nothing much in your field yet, give his suggestion/idea a try.

A scripture in the Bible portrayed what I’m trying to express perfectly. It is in 2Kings 5:1–13.

That passage is about an Army commander named Naaman, a mighty man who was leper. One of his wife’s maid suggested to the wife that a Prophet from Samaria could heal him. In our time today, it did be like telling President Trump that his Leprosy could be cured by a Prophet in Syria or Pakistan. Naaman gets to travel down and on getting to the Prophet’s house, the Prophet sends a servant to come tell Naaman that he should go wash himself seven times in River Jordan (One of the least and dirtiest river in Samaria. Naaman walked away angrily saying; I thought he will come out to heal me himself? Why would he send his servant to me? Are there not better waters in Israel? Etc……I will pause the story here.

Now, the story I just shared is a typical scenario of the way we respond a times to things. Most at times, we anticipate that our complicated problems require complicated answers. When small answers come for these mega problems, we seem to ignore them.

Learn to be open minded to possibilities.

Another lesson from the story is something that most people are guilty of — PRIDE. One of the reasons Naaman was angry wasn’t that the prophet sent a servant, it was that River Jordan will diminish his status and ego. Back to my illustration earlier, imagine Trump being asked to wash himself in a river in Syria. Naaman rather preferred to keep his Ego than to get healed. We must learn to subdue our pride with humility especially when making decisions. This was one of the major lessons in the movie — Acrimony. Pride and Ego will never allow you make progress in life. Be Humble.

Everything you need is already around you somewhere, nearly waiting for your recognition. When you come across them, don’t let pride make you throw them away.

Story continues here….

A servant ran to Naaman while He was walking away and convinced him that he should give the man of God a try. Naaman reluctantly agrees. After washing himself the seventh time, He gets healed. He goes back to the prophet to show appreciation but the prophet politely rejects….I will end the story here.

From the story, can you see that it was a maid that convinced Naaman to go see the prophet? Can you also see that it was a servant that convinced Naaman to give a prophet a try? Very insignificant people!! Without their advice, Naaman did die a leper.

Sometimes, the steps we need to take for our next breakthroughs will come as faint as whispers, and with speed as that of light. We must learn to grab them once they show up. Else, like Naaman would have died a Leper, you will get to miss that opportunity for life.

Always learn to follow your heart, but carry your head alongside with you.

Finally, I did like to let you know that Naaman’s healing cost only his transport fare and HUMILITY. Be humble and open minded to every opportunity/option, then you will make your life more colorful.

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Love you!!