It’s Time To Say, Here We Are

Fellow Africans. I am here today to answer the decennia long question. 
How long shall we keep suffering and watch our brothers and sister humiliated and die.

How long shall we sit down and be content to watch our children die in the desert and on the sea of north Africa in their struggle to find a better tomorrow?

How long shall we sit down and watch our treasuries being looted by the very few, while multitude of our people suffer endlessly.

How long can we sit down and watch while our commonwealth is being stolen by foreigners aided by our own people while our majority remains poor?

How long shall we remain in mental slavery?
How long shall we be humiliated not just because of the colour of our skin. But because of who we are. Because we are not able to stand up on the same stage with others in the world.

Not because we were not created equal, not because we were not given divine talents, but because we have hidden our talents.

It’s time to say the words and let them mean something.
How long shall we put ourselves under religious slavery?
How long shall we put ourselves under the slavery of our traditions, under our leaders and under our culture?
How long shall we be the sick child of this world?
How long shall we let the white people alone champion causes that affects us while we remain silent?
How Long.

How long shall we wait and cry out over our countries while we live in poverty, disease and squalor.
How long can we watch and see our common wealth being stolen by the few.

Today, I am here to tell you this.
It’s time.
It’s time to wake up from the slumber.
It’s time to stand up and be counted.
It’s time to be counted as equal in the world community,
It’s time to work hard to gain the respect we deserve in the international stage.

It’s time to shun corruption, incompetent, immorality, bribery, fraud and all other vices that set us back.
It’s time to stop honoring thieves.
Yes, it’s time.
It’s time to start dignifying ourselves.
It’s time to stand up and be counted.
It’ time to stop the blaming game.
It’s time to stop blaming the slave trade for our problems.
It’s time to stop blaming the British, The French, The Portuguese and the Americans.
We are running out of people to blame for our woes.

It’s time to stop blaming our leaders for our failures.
It’s time to heed the call, arise oh compatriots and to awaken the giant in us.
It’s time.
It’s time to stop the bigotry. The division, The nepotism and the corruption.
It’s time to stop the wickedness, the wars and to start to show love to all humankind.
It’s time to realize that we can be whatever or whoever we want to be in this world.
It’s time to expand our scope and imagine big and see how large we can be.
It’s time to look further into the horizon and say there I want to be.
It is time to reach out for the skies.
It’s time, not just us saying I am black and I’m proud of it. No.
It’s time for the world to look at us and embrace us and say

Ah, at last, here they are,
Here they come, the Africans.
Here they are, the blacks.
Here they are, the Nigerians.
Here they are, the Ghanaians.
Here they are, the Togolese
Here they are, the South Africans.
Here they are, all Africans, All black men, women and children.
It’s time to be admired worldwide
And then at last, we shall say, here we are, we have arrived.
Brothers and sisters, it’s time. Here we are.

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