Most Africans Are Not Ready To Take Basic Steps To Liberate Themselves.

A while ago I started a project to help with the transformation of minds in Africa starting with Nigeria. I really thought in my passion to help with changing the lives of people and build better future for Africans through economic, social and mental development that people will embrace such ideas quickly.

This thoughts were partly fueled by the daily complaint of so many Africans that nothing is working and they need to change the system. Maybe, partly due to my partial lack of understanding of the mindset of the African.

No matter what my reasons were the support for the project and similar projects that require local involvement have been as Trump would say “A complete disaster”. We have asked people to do basic things like writing a letter, write a slogan, like a story, share a video on Facebook. On Facebook, the single currency everyone has is the Like and share buttons. Guess what? Everyone on Facebook has unlimited amount of it. Imagine even that currency people refuse to use. I have my theory about this but I might reserve it to my book.

Recently, we asked people to write on an A4 “Here We Are” take a photograph and share it. This was suppose to do two things.

1. Most Africans complain of being treated unjustly by the white because they see all black people as crooks and scammers. This is not true, but it is the perception. So this was an opportunity for black people to come out and say. “Here We Are” and we are not crooks and not scammers.

2. Help to give faces to people especially, children in Africa who are victims of bad rulership of African leaders. This is the first step in the awareness campaign that we hope will lead to the UN and EU to classify Looting of the commonwealth by African leaders crime against humanity and let it be punished as such. This we hope will reduce corruption in African greatly. Even this is not enough motivation to Africans to want to do something and yet everyone is complaining about corruption.

I couldn’t help to think about how the ICE BUCKET actions went around the world to raise awareness and raise $120m. How a 6 years Dutch boy called Tyn dying from an incurable disease help raised 2 million euros in Holland to bring cure to others. But why is it Africans are not willing to do basic things and participate in their future apart from complaining? I don’t know.

My biggest surprise was from Africans in the Diasporas. it was for me a complete misjudgment to think that even from these set I would get a better response.

Going to Africa, especially in Nigeria to see how millions of people lives below the poverty level is heart wrenching. I cannot take the heartache anymore. It is just too painful for me to handle. For self preservation I will one day stop to concern myself with Africa when Africans both at home and away are not ready to take part in their future.

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