Black Girl Magic

I love Whenever I want to learn the meaning of an urban saying they never fail to satisfy the definition. People on their website come up with so many creative ways to define words in a way that Webster can’t.

One phrase I recently looked up was “black girl magic.” It’s a phrase that I’ve seen circulating on the internet. When I found these photos of my little sister Hannah in my phone, that’s the phrase that came to mind.

Photos taken on July 29, 2017

According to the phrase “black girl magic” can be define as the following:

The art of pure, unadulterated dopeness that every black woman exudes, which beholds not only her internal and external beauty but demonstrates the glory of God the creator.

Woah. I didn’t know that much power was behind a phrase. I guess that can be said of all the black women in my life. In a world where they aren’t often celebrated, I celebrate them today.

Keeping being pure mother.

Keep being dope sister.

May the beauty that is inherent in who you are shine.

The glory of God is truly within you.