Lazy Eye

Recently, I had a surgery called a vitrectomy in my right eye. A vitrectomy is a procedure where the surgeon removes the vitreous gel in your eye and replaces it with a new clear liquid. I had a blood hemorrhage in my eye as well as other issues hat led to the surgery.

The surgery went well and now I’m in the process of healing. One of the things the surgeon does during the surgery is fill your eye with a gas bubble that holds your retina in place. The bubble blocks your sight for a while and makes it extremely nearsighted until your body absorbs the bubble.

One side effect of this procedure is a lazy eye. My left eye has always been stronger than my right but ever since I had a blood hemorrhage blocking my view in my right eye, and now a gas bubble, my eye muscles has become weaker and I’m more dependent on my left eye.

I’m someone who cherishes how I look so this lazy eye is bothersome. I don’t want to be seen by other people. When I’m out with people I wear sunglasses to cover it. The issue (praise God) can be corrected with eye glasses, eye drops, eye exercises, and coloring books accompanied with eye patching.

Throughout this whole experience people have told me “God will be with you,” “you’ll be alright,” and “don’t worry.” I found that when I’m scared that my lazy eye will permanently stay that way or I’ll somehow go blind I’m surprisingly comforted by those phrases. Just the reminder that God has me and hasn’t forgotten me means a lot to me.

Of course, my experience is trivial in comparison to someone who has to live with blindness or a lazy eye permanently. I am tremendously bless. I imagine someone reading this and rolling their eyes as I worry and complain. However I’m glad that one day my eye will be completely healed and I’ll be able to go back to how my eye used to be before this ordeal.