Sweet Memories

This summer my youngest sister Hannah graduated from high school. To commemorate the occasion my family came together to celebrate. Knowing that all my siblings would be around, I took the opportunity to make a video to remember the occasion.

On the day of Hannah’s graduation I spent the day taking photos and recording clips for the video I wanted to make. After taking many photos my mom kept saying “Emmanuel, how about you? Someone needs to record you. Someone needs to take a photo of you,” but I ignored her hoping she’d forget.

After a long day, we ended it by walking at a beach in Chicago. I was still taking photos and videos when my younger sister Naomi took my phone and insisted on taking a picture of me.

I sat down on the platform facing the water and let her take some photos. The photos turned out well but I’ve only shared one of them on social media. I haven’t shared the rest of them until now because I didn’t really like them at the time. Looking at the photos now though, I don’t mind them anymore.

I look at these photos and remember a day when I was happy because I was with my siblings. We were at a beach taking photos. That’s a sweet memory.