Rado Jay came prepared for the industry

When I asked Rado Jay about his relationship with his parents, he was taken aback with such question, I reminded him of a line on "No Love", not yet satisfied, he explained what he meant by the lines.

" My friends have been coming through for me", it is not like I have any problem with my parents but it is what it is, at a point in your life you have to hustle for yourself.

At a popular relaxation centre in Ondo last month, I got some insight into Rado Jay "Trust the Process" extended play.

The EP began with a statement. Rado Jay was not here to play Nintendo with. He came alone and was ready to conquer it all by himself. The lines were personal. The title of the track was revealed with a pseudo motivational line towards the end, although I found it needless.

Fine wine began slowly, then, changes to mid-tempo with music producer Hemykul parting him. Should we regard this as thug love or a Chike kind of Love. The beat tapped from highlife with a sprinkle of Runtown mad over you.

A trip to church was organized on Life is a gamble with Oluwakazzy leading the teaming congregation with Rado Jay trapping it out. Kazzy was Somber and prayerful. Just like No love, Rado Jay continued his motivational talk. How far baba, you never freedom from your place of work ni?
Favourite line, To ba follow gbogbo rule, o ma miss gbogbo fun.

Fela was the Afrobeat exponent, arguably the most popular artiste from Africa, Fela was a cypher which featured Jaido P and Script. The artiste was able to stand out between the two greats, it was a narrow escape.

I once viewed the freestyle of Kilo Boss on Rado Jay's WhatsApp story in June 2020. It was a freestyle. Rappers brag, Rado Jay wasn't an exception, he was wilding.

Trust the process was one of my favourite EP released in August, while the lack of expansive topics on the EP can be forgiven, the incoherent artwork shouldn't, there was no correlation between the artwork and the EP, was this deliberate?

Tracklist 2/2
Production 2/2
Artwork 0/2
Features 1/2

Grade: C6



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Emmanuel Daraloye

Emmanuel Daraloye


A Music Journalist. Words: The Cable Newspaper, The Lagos Review, Afrocritik, Vanguard Newspaper, Legit News, Nigerian Tribune, Modern Ghana, and Others.