Love Letter to the Partner I Imagine you to be

Writing to you is such a privilege. To be able to create you into fiction

Create our 2.5 perfect children,

The hardwood floor,

The Grand piano,

The clanging pots from our family dinners

Music dancing downs the hallways

The herb garden where the basil covers our hands,

Makes us smell like Whole Foods

The fireplace where the dog and cat snuggle

Where we never have to chop wood

Where I don’t need to write anymore-Or worry

Where the Earth stops trying to purge us

Where the well is never dry

Where the sex doesn’t terrify me anymore

Where the roof doesn’t leak

Where you don’t have a penis

Where masturbation isn’t as good as fucking you

The life we have where we were never raped

The basement that never floods

The jobs that pay the bills

The chicken wire that keeps the foxes out

Where our son isn’t afraid to be soft

Where our daughter never worries about her appearance

Where the next baby comes out whole

Where my teeth don’t fall out

Where you don’t get cancer

Where you love me

Where I love you

Where we love each other

Where God shows up, and actually stays.

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