Ways to spend the Day

You could spend the day at work

Eyes floating in your skull

Heart synching with the wall clock

The smell of Mr. Sketch scented markers

And students tugging at your trousers

You could spend the day drawing

Lupins, Daisies, Moldy fruit

The thick, humid air creeping through the skylight

A glass of wine singing on the coffee table

Acrylics smudged through your dark hair

You could spend the day smoking

Lighting one bowl after another,

Gooey Phelem filling your throat

The antique couch grasping for the smoke

Your apartment foggy

You could spend the day hiding

Refusing to answer phones, doors, letters, conversations.

Deadlock on the door standing guard

The green apple candle dancing through the stale air

Silence filling every nook

You could spend the day writing

Travel to a bustling cafe

Watch the crowds come and go

Your wool jacket’s static causing your hair to float

The biscuits rising in the oven

You could spend the day reflecting

Cuddling Moth ball scented baby blankets

Photos of yourself you can barely identify with

The all consuming nostalgia

Wrinkled lips, wedding dress draped over your knee

You could spend the day reading

Curled in the bay window

Chai Tea steam twirling through your sinuses

Disappearing through time

Letting each story steal you away

You could spend the day bitching,

Tossing complaints around like a child

Digging through a toy box

Everyone watching you-trying to guess the underlying cause

The train hiding at the bottom of the cedar chest

Despite all of these options you will inevitably spend the day drinking

The frail enamel of your teeth softening

The stench of dependency oozing from your pores

You will not answer the phone,

At night you will wonder again why you are alone

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