His eyes were as radiant of the Sun

His hair is darker than the dark knight

He used to be able to swoop in and save the day like a hero

When he speaks it’s like a drug it’s intoxicating

He was always the funny and quiet one

He was better than a bird when it comes to listening

You may think Kevin Hart is funny but you have Cleary never met this guy

We were like two birds of a feather

He was as crazy as the joker

But then something happened..

He lost himself somewhere

No where to be found

He can’t even recognize himself in the mirror

Like a Stanger staring back at me

How did it come to this?

I ask myself did I do something wrong

He took a a dark and bad turn

We try to save ourselves from disaster

But truth is…

It’s inevitable we will always take the dark path

And I couldn’t save him from this

We can never be saved

All we can do is be here for them

He will never be the same

Suicidal thoughts

Cut marks all over his body

I’m trying to hide the true identity

But its me pretending to be someone else