Huobi Prime will Launch EMOGI Network (LOL) on August 15

On August 7 Huobi Global announced that it will officially launch EMOGI Network (LOL) on August 15 at 20:00 (GMT+8). The launch will be the 5th IEO to take place on Huobi Prime and users will be able to buy and sell directly on Huobi Global HT zone.

EMOGI Network is an open, permissionless system that uses Proof-of-Stake validation and rewards. The network eliminates the modern economy’s dependence on centralized, agenda-driven intermediaries.

Anyone can participate and economic outcomes are determined by demand within the marketplace.

EMOGI Powers DApps with Real World Use Cases

EMOGI also serves as the network powering the Berminal and Bermi DApps. The digital asset is woven through the DApps and allows users to stake their tokens and provide payment to content creators simply through social engagement.

The network is already providing real world solutions to payments and currency transfers in Latin America. The region has a robust $100 billion remittance market and EMOGI has taken the social media scene by storm.

EMOGI is making it easier for users to quickly send money from the U.S. to Latin American countries like El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, where billions of dollars in remittances are sent every year.

Recently, Ray Xiao, the co-founder of IOST and EMOGI Network said:

“We are very proud of the strides made by the EMOGI Network team in the past year. Emogi was founded and built with decentralization and distribution as its primary focus.

By linking social engagements on Bermi to micropayments using Emogi, we have seen enormous traction, especially within the Latin American region in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru. Just with Bermi alone.

Emogi has become a true, viable option to hold and transfer value over the countries’ native fiat currencies.”

EMOGI Network Supports 6 Million Active Users

Bermi, one of the DApps powered by EMOGI Network, has been incredibly successful. In less than 1-year the DApp has become an official Google AdMob publisher, a PayPal Merchant Partner, and has collaborated with Cobo Wallet as the official wallet partner of the Bermi community.

Currently, EMOGI Network powers the Berminal and Bermi DApps and there are more than 6 million users within this DApp ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more information on EMOGI Network. The token is set to list on Huobi Prime on August 15 and the network will transition to IOST blockchain by the end of 2019

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