I Trained a Neural Network to Name a Law Firm

Inspired by Janelle Shane’s new paint colors and Dan Hon’s British place names, and following Jeffrey Thompson’s excellent tutorial on the subject, today I trained a neural network on Law360’s list of the 400 largest law firms, the results sound predictably ridiculous.

Though certainly plenty of what my humble little Macbook thought up is either incomprehensible or unpronounceable, there are some gems hidden in the madness. The trick, as Jeff suggested, is to fiddle with the “temperature” of the network — changing to what extent the neural net is trying to be novel. For a really in-depth and straightforward explanation of the methodology, check out his post here. If you’d like to go ahead and check out the whole set of names, check the github, or just read through for some of the highlights.

“Low Temperature” —Voight-Kampff Passers

So I’m going to lead with the most realistic, the most impressive batch of names. Setting the temperature to .2 I received remarkably human sounding firm names, with some of my favorites being “Bornen & Stornson LLP”, “Barris & Broon Willer”, and, of course, “Shitter and Carler.”

Lard & Parrison
Bord & Brownson LLP
Morrison & Brooney
Phall & Broodd
Brand & Brownson & Bard
Carler & Stonner
Sherron & Stornson
Sharron & Barris
Stither & Stocker
Stoll & Storner
Stort & Broon Carder
McCarler & Sterner
Stoll & Croone
Shatt & Brang
McCalley Lert
Mchernell & Brag
Crown & Willer
Stoll & Brown
Marris & McCarler
Corley & Marrison
Shitter & Storner
Stoll & Broone
McCarler Lenner
Shither & McCarler
Sterter & Marris
Stell & Brown
Miller & Broods
McCarler & Lernell
Stelle & Greenson
Shitter & Carler
Stoll & Broggs
Stite & Brane
Stetter & Bragh
Brand & Broods
Stell & Lerton
Barnell & Storner
Stoll & Lerner
Stoll & Brag
Brand & Broone Lord
Stole & Brang
Stell & Sterner
Collen Renner
Shell & Caller
Stoll & Berds
McCarler & Lerner
Brown & McCaller
Stoll & Stellin
Colley Proott

“Neutral Temperature” — Fantasy Firms

So… here is where things start to go off the rails. More and more names are either entirely unpronounceable or bizarre. Still though! “Ponson Marder,” “Vandel & Loyt” and “Sellley LLP” almost sound human. If nothing else, I’m definitely adding some of these into a list of fantasy business names for a future Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Velpatrobey & Fulens
Pligb Philbey
Odetler Bling
Nepson & Sturmin
Stiner Teemey
Hewlias & ander Wman
Mayrord Pay
Witrith Wistel
Binscpook Ergons
Morosf & Harling
Sherton & Troegh
Digen Tcotley
Vandel & Loyt
Chawe & Reis
Finnord & Elling
Fingpad Erdel
Wintman Rore
Wihlin & Sonx
Rowegman Paddron
Brioks erong
Greanson Denger
Dickiel and Ceote
Porgsey Peote
Kuss Hillewi
Ansban Hingle
Fipkams Tarlos
Dilleld Seglans
Kinschoel & Broods
Cramams and Kellaul
Harman Le
Omangfrey MingpipMoy
Fresiner Beets
Finsod Crichums
Honcies & McAllen
Joney Moulle
Sellley LLP
Godand & Dynertring
Whiocis Dullict
Wintraoma Schyin
Awerlen Fway
Brery Wollinn
Custrop yendole
Ninell & Girgie
Stormer Scheider
Ateimson & Greame
Ponson Marder

“High Temperature” — Totally Off the Rails Insanity

Of course, I had to go deeper. Having generated nearly a thousand names ranging from entirely humanesque to fairly fantastical, I had to see how far this little bot could go. Cranking the temperature up to .9 gives us these gems, with “Phartol & Morger” and Spilf Brann” being some of my standouts:

Jod & Kuler
Tholpban & Lopce
Hafler Serinster
Pircher KLane
Bakston Giser
Dinson & BrayRer
Tolliws Dykman
Ropis Schiehpg
Echell Hoven
Schroal & Lees
Schex ond Capbing
Roker Jenger Roses
Sitze horman
Magarne Bermen
Phartol & Morger
Spilf Brann
Gelf Calowe
Kurley & Wrisk
Perrigte & Danter
Dingon & Darrler
Labley Battrond
Horgan and Lellice
Attes & Wirrdsons
Maner SWiler
Sparols & Elbulbroob
Hucker Morery
Bradley Cuille
Orler & Hoonelson
Wackmort Bastole
All Branman
Winshan Hiathan
Reer Danele
Piller & Binberg
Mocrey Towles Schant
Fillen Reber
McArcker & Willick Ley
King & Bricks
Pintholin Levith
Kilsin Fobe
Wison & Dutb
Mencker Ponell
Mimer Brong
Stroes Hillink
Hinghan Dicher
Dingson & Odress
Hoekson Tarder
Thatlamson & Calleg
Binshan PLLan

And again, if you’d like to see the entire lists I generated, you can check those out on github, here. What do you think? See any firms you recognize?

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