The thing called ‘love’

The thing called ‘love’ !! Ask a 14 year old, love- its true. Ask a 20 something — Its what they can’t live without. Ask a 25 year old and its a thing hidden and they are still in search, ask a newly married -it’s magic , ask a new parent — it’s in the soul, ask the 40 year old’s — ughhh who knows? Ask the 50 and beyond’s — seeing the sunset & dying together.

Oh, love — you silly thing!

Maya was only 20 when she met Neel. She did not believe in love at first sight but oh boy what a sight he had been. The sleepy large bright beaming eyes, the dusky clear skin that seem untouched, the uncanny innocent smile. How could she not gasp? She felt as if she was shot, right into her heart. A feeling of rumbling butterflies in her stomach and not knowing exactly where the pain in the chest was. She slowly walked past the bevy of men and women she had known all her life, trying to hide what she was feeling. Hey, you don’t seem familiar? are you new in town? not exactly he exclaimed! I have been here a couple of times, not by choice for sure. He gave a look which screamed ‘Hate It Here’ .

I am Maya by the way and hey this place is anything but boring, you just have to be with the right people. Alright then, i shall make a move was his answer. Excuse me! dude you are so mean, Maya screamed back in exasperation. He chuckled, got close to her ears and whispered — I have never met anyone so beautiful.

She held her breath and felt as if she might explode. The feeling was strange, how can you just meet someone and feel like you have known them forever. She could feel his lips, the softness of his breath, the masculinity of his touch but she couldn’t fathom that she had met him just a minute ago.

Why would i feel that and hey why is my heart racing? Maya wasn’t new to compliments, she was rather used to them. This surely felt different, in all honestly it just felt right! Maya turned around to call him out, she wanted to know him, everything about him but for now the name was enough. ‘Neel’ she whispered to herself, deep down she knew this was going to be her most favourite word.