It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

The issue I have with this line of thinking is that you end up in a situation where the only fair thing is for african americans to have their own state, carved out of the US, where they get to live by their own set of principles and cultural preferences rather than those handed down to them by the dominant culture, the white western european one. But that is fine if the author is willing to state that as his preferred outcome. But I suspect that is not what he wants. He is simply complaining that african americans, and other minorities, are at a disadvantage in this western european dominated culture, and wants the majority culture to realize this and offer adequate concessions to level the field. This argument is fundamentally flawed though because, even without the additional concessions, the open markets and rule of law, which the western european culture offers, represents the best option for African-Americans today.

African Americans who trace their ethnicity to western Africa can always go back to western African, and be assured of a fairly high position in their society, where they are not encumbered by an alien culture. However, not many do, and one wonders why. I am a first-generation immigrant to the US who came from a culture that traces its history back to over 3000 years, but I have no problem in living my life by the rules of the dominant culture. I am free to follow the traditions of my culture in my private life, and that is adequate for me. I did, however, immigrate to this country voluntarily, unlike the ancestors of African Americans, who were brought to this county against their wishes. So I empathize with the theme of this article.

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