Holding (((Left))) in Contempt

When you suffer through the mental warfare and witness the way of life of the western civilization being systematically destroyed in front of your own eyes, coupled with slow decline through white genocide, you get a reason, or two, to hold a grudge.

The problem lies in the fact that when you rise up for your own self interest, the group think of indoctrinated people around you start to shame you into believing that you are doing something wrong. This is a form of strong social terror. I’ve heard endless bullshit on white privilege and other forms of academia harassment of white people, but I’ve never seen anyone talk about dire consequences of ethno-masochism.

When you take a look at left leaning people, you usually notice the signs of physical illnesses that stems out of neurotic thinking patterns. Normies on the other hand tend to not think about the unhealthy liberal thoughts, but they do try to redeem themselves of artificially imposed ethno guilt, by compensating for it, while willingly try to think as less as they possibly can.

However, virtue signaling is amplifying and the social sphere spectrum is trying to up the ante on the narrative, by attempting to drastically change what is virtuous and what isn’t in a struggle for whites to commit their collective cultural and genetic suicide.

This masochism doesn’t come without consequences for the mental and other health of the participants who enable this behavior. Being a white liberal literally destroys your self confidence, and certainly through the long exposure to the fixation on the ancestral guiltX I wouldn’t be surprised to see serious chronic illnesses stemming out of a long exposure to unhealthy fake emotions. The absolute abuse of compassion.

When I see so many of my extended family exposed to deliberate disease, I cringe a little bit inside. Hey, look, what they’ve done to us. You have to do something about it! A small jolt of rage. A payback? Of what kind?

That’s being legitimately pissed, wile someone might laugh in your face, telling you, hey, you’ve deserved it. Despite the fact that it’s nowhere near the truth.

But this creates an environment where you are moved, accelerated, to create a reaction to the parasites that inhabits your soul, and people. And only thing you need to do is to focus on your own well being, and well being of your loved ones.

These verbally subversive powers that come through the absolute oppression over the language and virtue, are leading me to anger. As a pure blooded European I am very much capable of controling that rage. But I am not sure that the rest of my people are. And if I am feeling this, I can only imagine how others feels without truly understanding what is going on. And going on withoht knowing, but feeling that things aren’t quite Alt Right.

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