You’re Missing the Point of React
Dan Abramov

I completely agree. I arrived at ReactJS from Golang searching for a better frontend language than what I had been using, AngularJS. At the time, I was having a code culture conflict because Golang and AngularJS, although both by Google, are quite dissimilar in their philosophies. Golang is highlighted by its explicitness, readability/maintability, and most importantly, composability (their interface system is second to none).

The first thing that drew me to ReactJS was its much better handling of componentization, a far-cry from AngularJS’s directives. I think the fact that ReactJS and Golang were created by large companies writing long-lasting software needing to scale both in hardware and personnel results in many shared values. In contrast, AngularJS was borne of the need to quickly make richer, internal forms at Google. The way I see it, AngularJS, post-release, evolved in a disjointed style to meet much more general needs much in the way that HTML and JavaScript did in their relative histories.

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