Emphy Platform Development Report is Available Now — November 8th, 2018

Dear community,
Emphy team is excited to announce that another build of Emphy Platform is already available and has been distributed to everyone who singed up for Beta Testing on the official website. During this sprint, we focused on both implementing and testing financial services such as token transactions, cold and hot wallet processing and exchange rates. Also, we continued to improve user experience and will soon add a support for videos in inventory’s review flow. It’s full steam ahead for the development, and these are the progress we’ve added, that makes us a step closer to the launch of the platform:

  • Fixed UI bug for the Inventory Details (Booking). User Image for Contact section is available now.
  • Fixed displaying available/unavailable dates for the ApplicationsDates screen.
  • Implemented a mobile view for the Bank Accounts screens.
  • Fixed incorrect UI for the SignUp Complete screen.
  • Implemented Favorites screen.
  • Fixed bug for the AddReview screen. Add review is now possible.
  • Fixed displaying inventories list for the Applications (MyInventories screen).
  • Fixed redirect on upload photo screen and personal info to complete sign up the flow.
  • Implemented screen with the calendar for Applications.
  • Implemented redirect on user profile from applications screen.
  • Added refresh for Inventory details screen after saved changes.
  • Fixed send booking request button.
  • Added the redirect to the booking inventory details from Favorites screen on favorited inventory.
  • Implemented dialogue of messages with the user.

*If you didn’t get a chance to sign up for current Beta Testing before, you can still fill out a “Request Early Access” form on our official Emphy website. Once we distribute instructions to the Beta testing again, you’ll be able to test the platform and provide your feedback on the next version.

We look forward to continued community engagement! We read everything that comes in through our Twitter, Facebook, and Email. If you have not received a response to something you have sent, feel free to send a message us on Telegram.