Important update on Emphy token sale

Our team intends to keep you informed of the latest developments of our project.

Our ICO is halfway to it’s finish. So far we are quite satisfied with current results and want to thank everyone for support and contributing to our project. We are getting lots of positive feedback and this gives us the strength to go on. Results show proofs of our marketing concept as well as business model. For that we are declaring to continue development and bring product to the market.

We have received many question about our plans for what we going to do with unsold tokens. Now we are ready to unveil our plans. To make project even more attractive to existing as well as potential contributors we have decided to revisit our soft and hard caps. We have reviewed and maximally optimized all costs associated with the development and launch of the Emphy ecosystem. As a result we came up with following changes:

1. Reduce Emphy Hard cap from 7,260,000 USD to 1,000,000 USD

2. Reduce Emphy Soft cap from 1,000,000 USD to 350,000 USD

3. Reduce the release of Emphy tokens from 100,000,000 EPY to 15,375,000 EPY

Considering these changes our SOFT CAP is 142,2% FUNDED and HARD CAP is 49,7%FUNDED.

Below you can see comparison of new and old token distribution structures as well as comparison between the crowdfunding structure.

All contributors, who have already participated in Emphy ICO purchased our tokens for $0.08. All unsold tokens after the end of the ICO will be sent to the Emphy Marketing Fund.

1. All unsold tokens after the end of the ICO will be directed to a special wallet and will form a separate part of the marketing structure. This new structure is the Emphy Marketing Fund.

2. Tokens sent to the marketing fund will be frozen until March 15, 2018

3. Since March 16th, 2018, the Emphy team, if necessary, can sell on the exchange every month up to 600,000 EPY from the marketing fund

4. The sale price of the EPY token from the marketing fund on the exchange cannot be less than $0.15

5. The wallet addresses of marketing fund will be published in Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. Each contributor can verify that the Emphy team fulfils its obligations.