“Here Comes The Hook!”

“The Hook” will be a monthly platform for up and coming artists, producers, or just dope individuals to be featured and let people know who they are! I can’t do this by myself, so you’re ALL invited to send me suggestions for who should appear! (hit me on @empirejay across all social media, let me know what you think!)

. “Earth Angel”

The first artist who I’d like to introduce you to is “Angelface” (@iam_angelface). Angelface’s single “You Aint Know” is causing people to take notice all over the industry. A self professed fan of Tupac and Nas, Angelface showcases a tenacity on the mic like the greats that have come before her. Using her skills as a poet, she has crafted music that will be able to cross all genres and give her fans, both new and old alike, an experience that they wont soon forget! Her album is slated to drop after the new year, so get ready! While you’re waiting, go check out her freestyles, songs, and videos on her SoundCloud, IG, and Youtube pages!

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