600+ Mouths to Feed

Feeding 550 cadets and 90 crew members is no easy feat. While the ship replenishes fruits and vegetables throughout the course of summer sea term, most of the food is loaded onto the ship before the ship leaves Olivet Pier.

Cadets loading food supplies onto the Empire State VI before departure for Cruise A.

It takes a lot of food to feed nearly 650 people for 90 days.

When the Empire State left for New Orleans, here is a partial list of the food onboard:

150 gallons of hot sauce
300 gallons of pancake syrup
300 gallons of ketchup
1,000 pounds of peanut butter
1,500 gallons of ice cream
3,000 pounds of bacon
4,000 pounds of mozzarella cheese
4,500 pounds of roast beef
4,500 pounds of pasta
6,000 pounds of cereal
6,000 pounds of sirloin for Sundays at Sea, the weekly barbecue
6,000 pounds of chicken wings
8,000 pounds of chicken breasts
10,000 pounds of potatoes
15,000 burgers
15,000 pounds of flour — the ship’s kitchen staff make all the bread onboard
50,000 gallons of milk

It’s quite the grocery list.

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