An eventful summer

By Luke Whipple, First Class Engine Cadet

With Summer Sea Term finally at its end, it’s been an exciting and emotional trip for all the cadets, crew, family and loved ones. It’s a great feeling to be filling out customs forms and packing up our belongings and souvenirs from our travels. Three months ago today the lines were tossed from the ship as we departed for New Orleans, our first port.

Although we are very close to the end the work is not yet done. We are still watch standing and carrying work throughout the ship. Today we had our first glimpse of Long Island and just a touch of cell service. In just few hours, our ship will once again pass the Statue of Liberty and create shadows on the streets of Manhattan as we steam up the East River.

This summer has had many ups and downs, late nights in the engine room, gallons of coffee, and way too many plumbing disasters, but we all had many good times in port and memories to last a lifetime. Shorty all the cadets will be packing up their cars and driving home for the summer. It sure has been an eventful summer.

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