Happy July 4th from the Empire State

By Johnathan Thayer, Cruise B Ship Librarian

Log from Tuesday, July 4th:

The ship awoke on this 4th of July morning to seas so calm that I wondered from my bunk if we had mysteriously anchored overnight. We passed through the Strait of Bonifacio, splitting Corsica and Sardinia close enough to shore that buoys marking fishing nets were visible from deck, no doubt posing a challenge for those on lookout.

Today is Tuesday, but on ship it is “Sunday at Sea,” meaning that the galley crew was busy setting up for a barbeque on the officer’s sun deck. The entire ship came out for burgers, hot dogs, coleslaw, potato salad, ice cream, cotton candy, and other delicacies to remind us all of family and friends back home.

A glance at the horizon, with blue skies, even bluer seas, and Corsica fading in the background helped to ease any pangs of homesickness.

We are scheduled to arrive at Palermo tomorrow (7/5) at 1700.

Happy 4th of July from the Empire State VI!

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