By Johnathan Thayer, Cruise B Ship Librarian

Log from Wednesday, August 9th:

After sixteen days crossing the Atlantic, we finally anchored within sight of Long Island at around 1700 EST. No need to worry about jet lag on this transatlantic trip; the ship set its clocks back hour by hour as we crossed so that everyone is in sync with local time in New York.

The mess hall, library, lounge, and gym are all virtually empty tonight as cadets, crew, and faculty alike bask in the luxury of a cell phone signal. Below decks in the library there is an eerie calm as the ship rests without motion for the first time in over two weeks.

The weather has been picture perfect today. The night air out on deck is refreshingly cool, the low-hanging moon is a brilliant orange, and occasional fireworks pop up and crackle over the distant lights of Montauk.

Not a bad way to spend our first night back within sight of the United States! Morale is high in anticipation of Friday morning, when we make our way up the East River and back home.

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