Our Adventures of Alicante, Spain

By Linda Li, 1st Class Deck Cadet

Editor’s note: we continue to play catch up with Linda Li, who wrote this post earlier in the summer after they visited Alicante.

After two weeks at sea, we finally arrived in Alicante, Spain. Unfortunately, I was not able to get off the ship and explore the city the first night with my friends because I was on 0000–0400 watch.

Meet my little sister on cruise for the first half, Kristen Schmal. We’re about to go on a Jeep Tour in the mountains.

Cadets swimming in the reservoir located in the mountain region we explored. According to the tour guide, the water is even clean enough to drink!

Beautiful views on the mountain tour. I am glad that I did not fall out of the Jeep. The tour guide was worried about me, since he couldn’t see me in the mirror and I was really quiet.

Enjoying lunch. Please don’t judge me for eating Italian food in Spain.

It’s a cute Spanish bird (have no idea what its name is though) on the Castle of Santa Barbara.

Trying to find the TS EMPIRE STATE from on top of the Castle of Santa Barbara (I wonder if they saw it or not).

Walking down the Summer Road.

Biking through the “Mushroom Street.” I had no idea where I was going; I was following my gut.

Exploring the Castle of Santa Barbara. I took the elevator up, but I walked down.

Enjoying my third night in Alicante before heading to bed. There was work waiting for me the next day.

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