Our Adventures of Lisbon, Portugal

By Linda Li, 1st Class Deck Cadet

Editor’s note: We continue to play catch up with Linda Li, who wrote this post in late June when the Empire State stopped in Lisbon and made the switch from Cruise A to Cruise B.

I got the chance to explore the Castelo de Sao Jorge with my friends; it took us a while for us to get up there.

After being on the ship for two days (dealing with change out), I got to visit the aquarium and saw sea otters and penguins. I would like to swim with them one day.

One of the best cathedrals that I have ever visited. It had a cloister and a treasury. The cloister had the remains of the ancient roads and a handful tombs of unknown bishops. The treasury is filled with ancient and expensive clothes and equipment that the priests and bishops had used for masses.

Visited Fatima, the place where the Virgin Mary appeared in front of three children. Went to Nazara, the place that is well known for its tall waves, but I was not able to see any waves. On this trip, I was also able to try cherry liquor in chocolate cups; for someone who loves sweets, I loved it. I had a wonderful time in Lisbon with my friends and I am hoping that someday I would come back here. Next stop Palermo, Sicily.