8 Recommendations to Improve Employee Job Satisfaction

How to improve employee job satisfaction? A question that’s so simple to ask but so complicated to answer. Your employees represent the engine of your organisation. They have the wheels and power to make your business move from A to B. That’s why it’s important to think about their wellbeing, and especially understand their preferences, passions and wishes. The more you know about them, the better equipped you will be to find winning solutions that are optimum and adapted to improve the satisfaction at work.

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How to Contribute to Employee Job Satisfaction

Here are 8 recommendations to help you improve employee satisfaction at work.

#1. Motivate Your Troops

For example, you could implement a recognition program that goes in that sense to boost people’s motivation. A program recognising efforts and based on merit will provide the incentive necessary to encourage self-improvement.

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#2. Encourage Communication

Before you do anything, you should figure out what type of tool your employees will be more responsive to. That tool should also align with your work culture and fit within your current processes. With careful analysis, you will be able to implement a system that is well suited to your organisation.

#3. Involve Your People

Have a company blog? Invite your employees to write articles. Have a project that requires a lot of resources? Ask them how they think they could contribute and provide them with an opportunity to do so.

There are thousands of ways to involve your employees, which in turn, gives them the opportunity to develop new competencies.

#4. Care About Their Wellbeing

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#5. Provide Training Opportunities

When you offer training opportunities, you give your employees the chance to deepen their knowledge and get specialised in a field they enjoy. As a matter of fact, training program are a win-win solution for employees and employers alike.

And don’t worry, bettering their skills will not increase their likeliness to fly away. It’s actually an investment (and not an expense) your make for your employees which encourages them to stick around. Who wouldn’t want to know that they are worth investing in them?

Whether employees seek internal or external training, you should allocate them some time to spend specifically on their self-development.

#6. Provide Feedback

Good feedback can be defined by three criteria: its promptness, its frequency, and its precision. It’s important to provide feedback quickly, as regularly and as often as necessary, and with enough details in order to be effective.

Also, don’t forget to organise a follow-up. This way you will be able to provide the necessary support to help them improve and demonstrate the importance you attach to their own success within the organisation.

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#7. Recognise Collective & Individual Performance

Here are some ideas:

  • Organise a celebration or go out for lunch
  • Plan a post-work drink with all the members of your organisation
  • Write a personalised thank-you note

For example, if you’d like to congratulate someone in particular to make them standout, there are many ways in which you could communicate your appreciation and recognition. But in the end, what actually matters is not how much you spend but how much you care. And that shows through the small details.

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#8. Encourage Team Spirit

So make sure you’re able to take action in case issues arise. Besides, you should let others know to inform you if frictions develop, so that you can react fast.

Too often, conflicts are neglected and snow ball into giant monsters causing many inconveniences. That’s why you need to encourage your teams to communicate, in both the good and bad moments.

The decisions you take can have a dual impact on employee satisfaction. Either positive or negative. Improving job satisfaction is a work of endurance that requires the collaboration and involvements of all. Job satisfaction brings motivation and triggers engagement, turning your employees into your organisation’s best allies.

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EmployeeConnect reinvents the way people are managed, engaged and empowered through its cloud-based HR Suite — Bringing you the latest human resources stories.

EmployeeConnect reinvents the way people are managed, engaged and empowered through its cloud-based HR Suite — Bringing you the latest human resources stories.