8 Recommendations to Improve Employee Job Satisfaction

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How to Contribute to Employee Job Satisfaction

You may be encountering difficulties when it comes to finding solutions to optimise the productivity of your workforce. Maybe that’s because you haven’t pin pointed the source of your troubles yet. That is a drop in your employees’ motivation.

#1. Motivate Your Troops

When it comes to mobilising your troops, your success is mainly based on your ability to work with emotions. This means that you need to create an environment that is adapted to the development of positive emotions. Fostering professional and especially personal growth plays a major role in creating favourable sentiments towards your organisation for your employees. People who are encouraged to grow and develop are more likely to produce more efforts, push beyond their boundaries and deliver value in any task they undertake.

#2. Encourage Communication

Communication is a key element of employee job satisfaction. An open communication is founded on collaboration and a work environment that is stimulating to encourage exchanges between employees. There is a whole bunch of tools that can facilitate communication: from project management software, to instant messenger app or live chats, to internal newsletters.

#3. Involve Your People

Your employees not only need to feel at ease within their workplace, but also useful. Your organisation is a project on its own which should be exploited to its full potential.

#4. Care About Their Wellbeing

Wellbeing is often synonymous of a healthy mind. Psychology is therefore an important element to understand for effective human resource management. Simple proofs of recognition, such as a smile in the morning, a compliment, or just providing an attentive ear, are mindful touches which can have a great impact. However, we should not neglect the physical and financial aspects attached to employee wellbeing. Financial security brings the peace of mind needed to focus our minds on other things than paying the bills when we’re at work. Providing guarantees of medical care or retirement support are examples of actions that will help preserve the mental health of your workers as well as their families.

#5. Provide Training Opportunities

Personal accomplishment is at the top of Maslow’s pyramidal hierarchy of needs. That’s why it’s not surprising many of us develop a thirst for continuous learning and development.

#6. Provide Feedback

Feedback can be seen as a form of recognition when it is constructive and well presented. Satisfaction goes through a two-sided dialogue, giving you the opportunity to learn about the challenges your employee is confronted to, as well as the aspects they enjoyed the most about their job.

#7. Recognise Collective & Individual Performance

Did your organisation just win a prestigious award? Have you been mentioned as an employer of choice or just acquired a major new account? Any of these are good reasons to highlight your employees as a team as well as recognise their individual efforts. How should you announce the good news?

  • Organise a celebration or go out for lunch
  • Plan a post-work drink with all the members of your organisation
  • Write a personalised thank-you note

#8. Encourage Team Spirit

Creating a team spirit is as important as your employees’ motivation because work is collaborative by nature. Therefore, having a positive energy flow between co-workers is vital. This flow is dependent on a good communication as well as the tools that support it. But in a less than ideal world (i.e. realistic), you also have to deal with conflicts and tensions.



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EmployeeConnect reinvents the way people are managed, engaged and empowered through its cloud-based HR Suite — Bringing you the latest human resources stories.