Employees Only on Product Hunt

As a community of startup employees, builders, early adopters, and aspiring founders, Product Hunt is the exact audience we hoped to reach with our new video series — Employees Only. So we were very excited when it was featured on the homepage a few weeks ago. As anyone who has ever created something, and then shared it with the world knows, when it came time to debut our first episode, we weren’t sure exactly what kind of response it would garner.

To say we were pleasantly surprised with the Product Hunt community’s response to Employees Only would be an understatement.

We spent the day hearing from people who discovered Employees Only on Product Hunt. Some people came with suggestions of guests for future episodes. Others reached out to thank us for shining the spotlight on people who are often behind the scenes. Things got especially interesting when we started having marketers from companies reach out about sponsorship opportunities. We ended up closing a sponsorship for Episode 2 with BrandBucket, as well as distribution in emerging markets via Eduze (which is the first VC investment made by TED). This is particularly exciting since our first episode was entirely self-financed, so having some financial support makes it possible for us to continue making high quality episodes for everyone into the future.

It was a rush refreshing the PH homepage throughout the day, watching our upvote count climb. We did have one moment of worry when we started getting notifications that YC partners were posting companies from their latest class, but we finished strong, and surpassed our wildest expectations. We finished fifth overall for the day. Top five has a nice ring to it!

As we dove into what happened after being featured on Product Hunt, we saw a 300% increase in signups. Despite having a small early waitlist pre-launch, this was still a really encouraging number for us. We got one new signup for every two upvotes, and approximately 2.75 views for every upvote. Building our subscriber list will help us get future episodes in front of more people, and solicit even more feedback to keep improving the series.

A big day on Product Hunt was exciting, not because we feel like we accomplished a huge goal, but rather because it gave us a strong start towards achieving our ultimate goal- to create a great video series that highlights the stories of employees at startups. We look forward to sharing this journey with everyone.

Ajay and I would love to hear your thoughts on our first epsiode, and suggestions for future guests, you can leave us a comment, or reach out to us on Twitter.

Kunal Tandon