How Battery Storage can make the Most of Your Solar Energy

We are seeing more home owners and businesses moving towards generating their own energy supplies through solar power, in a bid to greatly reduce energy costs, gain control in an uncertain fuel market and contribute to an improved, sustainable atmosphere. Battery storage is a key solution for solar users looking to make efficient use of their energy throughout the year and optimise the benefits of renewable power.

But what is a battery storage system and how does it work?

Battery storage enables you to store up unused energy generated from the solar panels during the day. This way, excess energy can be saved for when it’s most needed during the night, allowing property owners to further save on their energy bills.

A battery device can optimise your solar power system by up to 70% and the increased use of conserved energy reduces the need to generate electricity from fossil fuels. Additionally, research from the Renewable Energy Agency (REA) and consultancy KPMG, has found that by 2017 the cost of battery storage technology will have fallen enough for early adopter households and businesses to retrofit it onto existing solar panel systems.

There are now a few types of battery storage systems which can work in combination with the national grid or allow for complete independence from it:

Grid interactive

If your solar system is connected to the national grid, a Back Up battery system will store the energy generated until it is fully charged, and excess energy will be fed back into the grid. This system comes with great benefits for property owners as the batteries will always fully charged and the energy can easily be used at night-time or whenever needed.

During times where there is adequate solar energy, a property can run up to 3 weeks at a time without recourse to the national grid. At points such as during the winter months when there may not be sufficient solar energy generated, the system can tap into the national grid to recharge the batteries.

Using a grid interactive battery storage system is a flexible way to benefit from a renewable and more sustainable energy source. Additionally, if a power cut should occur, the system will disconnect from the grid and the solar panels will continue to charge the batteries. Depending on how many solar panels and batteries you have installed, you’ll still be able to run despite the loss of power from the grid.

Off Grid

If you’re located in an area with poor infrastructure or without connection to the grid, off grid battery storage allows you to generate your own energy, fully independently. This also provides a more cost-effective solution for those who find that the national grid is too expensive for their energy needs. It can also be a much simpler, cheaper and safer process solar power from the battery alone than it is to connect them to the grid. Through generating your own electricity supply and conserving it with a battery system, you’ll be able to better monitor, manage and optimise exactly how you use the power, whenever you need it.

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