The Liberal Obsession With Butting Into Every Protest

Note: It is a short one, mostly because I couldn’t worm out much more. Sorry comrades.

I don’t believe I need to recount the history of Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the constant and horrible brutality facing black people in the United States. This really isn’t about Kaepernick, though; he isn’t the issue at all (he’s actually very good).

No, the issue lies with what has happened the past few days, with that ever constant source of abject stupidity; President Trump. The bloody wingbat, in his infinite wisdom, decided to demand that the owners of NFL franchises fire anybody who follows Kaepernick in protest. It is this that prompted a mass reaction of other athletes to take the knee themselves.

It also spawned this shit;

This is fucking bad.

Note, it wasn’t the extreme racial inequality or police abuses that inspired Kaepernick to begin with. No, it was the idiot president opening his mouth that caused such an outpouring of bent knees.

It’s practically a joke now, that everytime Trump says/does/thinks/shits his pants, the same liberal jackoffs climb out of the woodwork with their perfomative #resistance to his ranting and raving.

What the christ is this shit

They are as parasites!

Look, if they are genuine in their sadness that this country is hell, then they should perhaps use their influence to struggle against the forces of oppression that are present in the United States. But they won’t, they usually never do.

While Shannon Sharpe was making a point about the NFL owners, it could pretty much be expanded to any situation in which the comfortable elite with their millions and billions suddenly feel urged to “support” an action simply because of a man they disdain.

Honestly guys… I don’t like liberals.