40+ Features Packed In 4 Pages, 4 Scrolls HR Software Model

HR software industry is growing by leaps and bounds and has seen tremendous success in the emerging economy. Increasing customer demands and constant change of requirements have led to the development of complex software architecture.

In past few years, low usability, complicated design and undistinguishable navigation in a software have been observed as major reasons for low software adoption.

On the other hand, numerous HR software options in the market has made customers picky, demanding and conscious buyers. Software users now prefer easy to use, configurable and ad-hoc product that comes with low learning curve.

What Led to the Change: From a Full-Fledged HRMS Product to 4-Prong Concept?

Considering the rapidly changing market paradigm, Empxtrack team has always been enthusiastic for offering innovative, simple and out-of-the-box technology solutions to keep clients updated and at the forefront. Recently, the team has redesigned the product completely around the 4-prong concept of Engage, Measure, Process and Excel.

The idea to redesign the product came up after analysing results of multiple surveys where software users claimed complex interface to be a major issue.

Empxtrack team spent significant time in thorough research and came up with an ultra-simple, user-friendly and intuitive version of the cloud HR software.

The Solution — 4 Pages, 4 Scrolls With 40+ Features

40+ Features Packed In 4 Pages, 4 Scrolls HR Software Model

Early this year, Empxtrack Inc. excitedly announced the launch of its new and intuitive cloud HR software.

The updated product includes simplified navigation, removal of menu and submenus, limited number of pages, reduced clicks to complete operations, and addition of some essential functionalities on the top of each page, such that it’s compatible for both mobile and desktop use.

The team has made impactful changes in the product; all to improve employee experience, empower managers with the easy-to-use tools, and increase workforce engagement.

Soon the software users will be provided a 4-minute user guide to learn new functionalities of the product.

How Empxtrack Has Become an Amazingly Simple HR Product?

  1. Eliminated Menus and Submenus: Menus and Submenus have been replaced with 4 large icons. These icons represent the global concept of performance, productivity, empowerment and engagement.
  2. Limited Software to a 4-Pages Design: Earlier the product had legacy of multiple pages, which has been changed in the latest version. The entire software has been simplified in 4 pages. The pages are named as Engage, Measure, Process, and Excel, and related processes and features are listed under them.

3. Reduced Clicks to Action: Keeping in mind the high usage of Empxtrack on mobile, multiple horizontal pages has been changed to one vertical page with 4 scrolls. Each page has four scrolls with 8–10 most essential features. It is excited to say that 40+ features have been creatively clubbed into “4 Pages and 4 Scrolls”.

4. Placed Most Essential Features on Top: “Most Important Functions” have been reorganized under the first fold. When the user clicks on any of the 4 Pages, the most important actions are visible on the first fold.

How Will the New Product Interface Impact Employee Experience?

New product version is ultra-simple and easy-to-use. It would give a positive employee experience.

A) 4 minutes guide will let users learn new features very quickly. There will be low learning curve for users to understand new Features and Functionalities.

B) The new, simplified interface has a clean layout for features, even without submenus. The product is designed such that 80% tasks can be completed in just a few clicks.

C) The new innovative design will surely improve end-user satisfaction and promote software adoption.

D)The product offers better reports and dashboards. The leadership can generate and analyze data to gain insights for informed decision making.

That’s how the team has eliminated several elements by UI design efforts and has come up with a final product which is an “Amazingly Simple” HR Software.

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