Conduct Employee Satisfaction Survey & Make it a Success

Empxtrack Inc.
Mar 29, 2016 · 2 min read

Employee satisfaction survey is necessary to understand the employees’ behavior, attitude, satisfaction level, interests, motivation and, most importantly, their genuine feedback. An employer who is willing to create a motivated and strong workforce should conduct regular employee surveys to know employee’s expectations.

Let your employees realize that their opinion, ideas and feedback hold importance for you. Allow them to voice out their creative ideas and work philosophies. Their contribution can add tons of value to your empire and also it gives them a sense of responsibility & ownership.Many human resource management experts accept the fact that surveys help in measuring engagement and motivations levels, detecting potential workplace issues and taking right actions to deal with them.

Here are some worthy tips to make your employee satisfaction survey a sure-shot successful exercise.

Keep Surveys Confidential

Employees appreciate the concept of data anonymity. They will honestly respond to the survey questions if their genuine feedback is kept confidential. For making this exercise better, take help from third party to conduct and administer the periodic surveys, manage all the survey data and estimate the seriousness of different issues.

Ask Questions, Only When You Can Handle the Responses In Dignified Manner

Most of the times,people conducting surveys might lose their temper when listening to the employee’s honest and harsh feedback. This fails the purpose of entire exercise. It is wise to listen to the feedback, analyze it in detail and then respond with meaningful solutions.

Communicate Survey Results to the Employees

No matter what, survey results must be communicated to the employees whether they are good or bad. Since feedback is given by company staff, every employer should take the survey results seriously. Only efforts of management can help in reducing negativity levels and spread positivity to achieve business goals.

Do Not Delay Survey Results

Deliver results within a stipulated time-frame to maintain the enthusiasm of the workforce towards employee satisfaction survey.

Act On The Results

There is no point of making efforts if the management team doesn’t act on the results. The management people should inform employees about the actions to be taken. Everything must be planned before conducting surveys. Whenever results are out, the plan of action should be executed to solve key issues.

Fix a specific month of the year to conduct these employee surveys and follow the same pattern each year to observe the difference in employees’ attitude. It not only serves employee motivation and engagement, but it also helps in developing better understanding between the employees and the employer.

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